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It’s always nice to see how some of the big boys do technical documentation. This is especially important if we go by the adage “where they go, others follow”. So, here’s a link to Microsoft’s docs for techie people:

You could also check out PayPal’s API doc center. We think is a good resource for technical writers looking for API best practices:

How can we raise the profile of the technical writing profession? The following article from TC World provides some insights on what’s being done:

In our next link, we hear how two Australian technical writers transitioned to a new knowledge base. We hear the background story, many of the common issues technical writers face daily, and get some advice on how to make your move successful:

TechCrunch takes a look at what happened in Israel’s cybersecurity market in 2017. It makes for some interesting reading and shows how the industry is growing and evolving:

AI is continuing to evolve and improve. A recent test by Microsoft and AliBaba shows just how much:

Thanks to for this one in which a former UK and Australian government UX/UA expert shares much of her experience with us: