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The 7 deadly sins of product development

Some insights here on the right or wrong decisions taken as part of product development. We think they all resonate with technical writers too and how product and project managers relate to tech writing.

The Ask Mercedes app

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are appearing more and more in the same breath as user documentation. Have a read of how Mercedes are using both as part of their latest roll out of user assistance for the E and S classes.

Are chatbots the new thing in technical documentation?

And, at the same time, another German company in the form of SAP, is considering how or whether to use chatbots as part of software documentation.

Developers think we should spend more time on documentation

Even in the Open Source world, a study shows that developers still believe good documentation is important.

The burnout paradox

More and more attention is being drawn to issues of mental health. Leah Guren has penned an important piece about how stress affects technical writers.

Senior citizens technology lab opens in Beersheva

Read about how the startup nation is looking out for retirees and their unique requirements from technology.

And finally, we wish everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2018!