Artificial Intelligence, style guides, and other top technical news articles

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Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) these days and this includes the world of technical writing. The European Tekom organization has been working on this for some time. They even held a conference in July to promote thought and discussion. You can read up about it here. Additionally, if you want to read some more background, UK-based Ellis Pratt has written a primer that you can download from his Cherryleaf website. There’s also a thought-provoking article written for TechCrunch about how AI will change content management that you can read here.

A recent blog from MadCap Software sets out ideas for applying UX principles to technical writing. This is becoming more and more important as part of the unceasing move to online documentation. Additionally, the job market reflects this with technical writing job postings now including requirements for UX knowledge and experience.

Google released the latest version of their style guide. It is very nice that the folks at Google have made this freely available. Purists and traditionalists may not agree with many of the principles set out. But, writing styles have been and are still changing, certainly since the advent of smartphones and social media. This guide is a good way of keeping up with today's standards.

Here’s a list of myths relating to technical communications. The site is maintained by Bob Watson, Assistant Professor of Technical Communication at Mercer University but he invites colleagues to add their own. So, have a look, enjoy, and feel free to contribute.