Why XML Sucks, the Internet of Things, and Other Top Technical News Articles


Google docs now publishes Epub - Wish your google doc could be downloaded to ePub format for easy access on your tablet reader? Well, your wish has come true with just two simple clicks.

The automated home (AKA the Internet of Things) - Imagine how impressed your geeky tech friends would be if you controlled all of the electronic devices in your home with your smart phone? More and more household and automotive devices are connecting to the internet. If you’re not familiar yet with the Internet of Things (IoT) you will definitely want to read this overview and watch the explanatory video. 

What is conversational UI? - Learn more about CUIs through this short lunchtime experiment.

Why you may be an API-phobe - More on API documentation - Swagger2Markup - making API documentation easier - If you already write APIs or may one day need to, you won’t want to miss these three posts which will keep you up to date on the latest API best practices.

How to spark content creativity - If you are running out of ideas, these 13+ practical tips will help you your get your creative juices flowing.

Why XML sucks - I think we can all relate to this XML rant. If you’re ready to check out other options for working smarter, contact Yoni Palmer at Tech-Tav for your free consultation and demo.