Instructional Video

Instructional video increases customer satisfaction, software usage, and customers’ willingness to try new features. Tech-Tav has been creating instructional video for a wide range of software and hardware, based on its decades of experience with what works for users.


  • Increases customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces support calls and cost.
  • Increases use of complex or hidden features.
  • Helps ease customers to upgrade their software.
  • Increases customer confidence in their skills.
  • Can increase use of value-added features and plug-ins.

To create effective instructional videos, we work with you to understand the most common procedures and problems faced by your users, and put together a series of videos that guide your users through common tasks and complex tasks.

Feedback has shown that customers are more likely to upgrade to a new version and try new features after viewing instructional videos on features they didn’t know about or were reluctant to try.

At Tech-Tav, we have a team that includes technical script writers, voiceover artists, video editors, artists, and project managers. We take all the complexity out of coordinating between  the various talents needed for the video production, and make sure that you have just one person to interface with, either a technical script writer or a project manager. You get a finished product without any of the management overhead.

Call us today to find out how we can help you create instructional video that will delight your customers.