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The 7 deadly sins of product development

Some insights here on the right or wrong decisions taken as part of product development. We think they all resonate with technical writers too and how product and project managers relate to tech writing.

The Ask Mercedes app

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Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) these days and this includes the world of technical writing. The European Tekom organization has been working on this for some time. They even held a conference in July to promote thought and discussion. You can read up about it here.

Holiday reading for technical writers

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August is truly upon us, as major sectors of industry wind down and are left with skeleton staff. Airports are brimming with holiday makers as the workers’ mass migration gathers speed. In days gone by, discerning readers would wonder at the latest best sellers they could take to read while lounging poolside sipping a long, cool drink. Today, the decision centers more around which books to download on to Kindles, or which movies to watch on tablets.

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Technical writing collaboration tools

There are many worthwhile collaboration tools for technical writers and three of the most popular are highlighted in this tcworld magazine post. Whether or not you are currently considering collaboration tools for your team, this article is a worthwhile read.

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Donald Trump and the State of Technology
Internet-based consumerism, social networking, and news media are shaping society in ways we never imagined. Crediting Facebook with Donald Trump’s presidential victory may be clickbait, but the argument is an interesting one that is well worth the 7 minutes or so that it will take to read it and decide for yourself.