Want to improve your workflow and increase technical writing ROI without adding headcount? Working in Author-it reduces costs through faster publishing, reduced training and automatic document consistency and control. Author-it’s intuitive authoring interface lets technical writers focus on creating content, with updates and changes cascading to wherever the content is used.

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Next Generation Technical Writing Tools

Welcome to the next generation of technical documentation. Author-it’s authoring tools and outputs are what today’s users expect: smart, savvy, interactive, online and mobile.

  • Real-time Collaborative Reviewing
  • Automated Suggestive Reuse
  • Web Based Authoring

Easily Create Content With Author-it

  • Create and maintain content for all deliverables in one place.
  • Familiar, user-friendly authoring interface
  • Simply reuse content using drag-and-drop
  • Remove formatting requirements

Publishable Outputs

With the push of a single button, all of your content can be published to any of the formats below and it will be formatted consistently each time. The result: huge cost savings each time you publish or release.

  • Printed Documentation (Word, RTF, or PDF)
  • WinHelp
  • Microsoft HTML Help
  • Sun JavaHelp
  • Oracle Help for Java
  • Vista Help
  • Web- and browser-based Help
  • HTML 4.01 + CSS (W3C Validated)
  • XHTML 1.0 + CSS (W3C Validated)
  • HTML-based slide show Presentations
  • XML
  • DITA

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Author-it Customizations

Need your Author-it to do even more? Tech-Tav has developed the following customizations that will give your end users the experience they've come to expect from the social web:

Author-it Plug-ins

Need your Author-it to do more? Our plug-in developers are here to help. The following plug-ins will save you time, budget and give your end user the experience they've come to expect.

The Search and Replace Styles Plug-in lets you quickly and easily update styles across topics, books or whole libraries.

The Book Compare Plug-in lets you visually compare books in a side-by-side fashion and see differences between versions.

In a single operation, the Boilerplate Plug-in enables you to create a new book based on a template and then modify the content without affecting all other books using the same content


The Format Tables Plug-in lets you quickly and easily update the format of all tables in topics, books or whole libraries.

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Disqus in WebHelp

Tired of pushing help at your users without knowing if they find your information useful, confusing or incomplete? Integrate Disqus, the web’s most popular discussion/forum feature into your Author-it WebHelp, to start a dialogue and interact with your users in a meaningful way.

Disqus in Author-it WebHelp

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WebHelp for Local Chrome Browsing

Want to distribute WebHelp to be loaded locally on your customers' machines but you can’t figure out how to get over the security bug that prevents it from loading in Chrome? Do you just see a blank screen and wonder what to do? Not to worry! Tech-Tav can get your WebHelp up and running in a locally served version of Chrome within a few hours.

Author-it WebHelp for Local Chrome Browsing Customization

Contact a member of Tech-Tav's Author-it team for more information and to request a price quote.