Michael Sklarewitz, ACS Motion Control

ACS asked Tech-Tav to customize the look and feel for HTML5 web help output. They worked with our brand graphic designer and website administrators as well as our technical writer to create a Tri-pane help system tailored to match our branding. Tech-Tav met all the project milestones including budget. Tech-Tav made big promises and they delivered.

Michael Sklarewitz
Technical Writer
ACS Motion Control
Omri Viner

We’ve been working with Tech-Tav for many years now as our provider of technical writing services. The writers we work with are extremely professional and their technical background lets them easily understand and explain our technology. We also know that the writers receive additional support and backup from Tech-Tav’s technical team. All this means that technical writing for us is a smooth and extremely low-maintenance activity.

Omri Viner
System Architect
PacketLight Networks

When it comes to content management there are loads of consultants that talk a good game, but Tech-Tav help you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to deliver fast, accurate and high quality content lowering localization costs and time to productivity…Tech-Tav’s kind and professional approach brought our business great results.

Esther Lavian
Technical Communicator
Photo of Mark Levenstein, Viaccess-Orca

The Flare training we received was absolutely excellent. It was comprehensive, tailored for our use cases, and presented extremely professionally. The order he taught things was very well thought out, as were the examples he used. The course was enhanced by Shlomo [Sagir's] supreme product knowledge, and he shared all his tips, tricks, bugs to be aware of, etc. Highly recommend. Not to mention that the training was pleasant, enjoyable, and interesting.

Mark Levenstein
Documentation Manager
Erez Nahir, Techno Ad

Our work with Tech-Tav was one of the most enjoyable parts of building our new website. Their writing is professional, clean, and phrased properly for our target markets. Tech Tav's team is very co-operative, professional and in addition to that – has a good sense of humor which makes working together fun!

Erez Nahir