Oren Iny, BMC

Tech-Tav have delivered time and again with the right people and the right solutions.

Oren Iny
Information Development Manager
BMC Software
Moshe Raab, Skybox Security

From our very first release, Tech-Tav has been our comprehensive documentation department solution. The dedicated writers assigned to us know our product thoroughly and contribute at every stage of the content creation process. Tech-Tav’s project manager and writing staff are dedicated professionals, always giving personalized service and impressing us with their work ethic, attention to detail and ability to correctly explain our product to our customer base. Our documentation has been exceptionally well rated by both customers and partners. We will continue to recommend Tech-Tav to others looking for the best technical writing services available.

Moshe Raab
Former VP R&D
Skybox Security
Harvey Benson, ThetaRay

Doc-To-Help has a smooth learning curve that allows Word users to quickly create OLH systems. It’s also a very simple process to customize outputs to corporate branding requirements. The latest release provides excellent Integration with Word, allowing builds from within Word itself. Tech-Tav has been with us every step of the way – consulting with us to determine the best tool to meet our needs, presenting an on-site demo, and providing competitive pricing and training.

Harvey Benson
Consultant Technical Writer
Yvonne Baynash, HPE

With their technical know-how, flexibility, patience and positive approach, Tech-Tav helped us created a highly customized web-based knowledge center for HP. Our users can now find the information they are looking for with the ease of a simple web search. The KC is responsive, modern, and easy to navigate. Tech-Tav is really a pleasure to work with!

Yvonne Baynash
Information Engineering Manager
Jeffrey Klein, Manager of Technical Communications at Tufin

Tufin has been using Author-it as our single-sourcing tool since 2010. We have used Tech-Tav for both Author-it training and support, as well as staffing needs. They have also provided timely and responsive assistance in a number of time-sensitive and critical situations, which have ensured we can continue moving forward with minimum down time and maximum utilization of our software.

Jeffrey Klein
Manager of Technical Communications
Marshall Yam, ECI Telecom

ECI has benefitted from Tech-Tav’s proven technical expertise in a range of authoring tools. Their consultants work diligently to configure complex integrations, and provide ECI with training, output customizations, and both long-term and short-term contract technical writers.

Marshall Yam
Documentation Manager
ECI Telecom
Rivka Bernstein, Nokia

I have worked with and for Tech-Tav since 2005. During this time I have worked with leading software companies and needed top-notch people to work with me. As is often the case, I would need assistance "yesterday". Tech-Tav was always there and ready to assist in finding the right person at the right time. Not only is Tech-Tav a great HR source, but a fantastic knowledge transfer company. Whether it be supporting the product Author-it, giving support on other technical issues or brain-storming on how to move forward with the latest tools, I know that I can always count on Tech-Tav to deliver. 

Rivka Bernstein
CBIS Documentation Team Leader
Adina Sherer, Tech-Tav Documentation

I have been fortunate to work with Tech-Tav for over 20 years. Tech-Tav is unsurpassed in terms of professionalism, quality of writing, expertise, and ongoing training and support of its writers. Most important, I know I can count on my fellow Tech-Tav writers and the management team to answer questions and provide helpful support whenever I need it.

Adina Sherer
Senior Technical Writer
Tech-Tav Documentation

Tech-Tav provided us with end-to-end MadCap Flare implementation services including training, content migration, and output customization. Their team is professional and offers top-notch service. We highly recommend Tech-Tav for any Flare or general technical writing project. It’s always a real pleasure to work with them.

Mike Dubb
Technical Writer

I've used Tech-Tav products for many years, beginning initially with their Microsoft Word Macro Suite, and now Author-it plug-ins. Most recently they provided some custom plug-in development, to my complete satisfaction and at a reasonable price.

Richard Guziewicz
consultant, content development design, execution, and multimedia production