Technical Writing Staff

Tech-Tav employs top technical experts and the best technical writers available. But hiring the best is not enough. Tech-Tav invests extensively in continuing professional education for its staff and in maintaining a high level of job satisfaction. The result is that turnover at Tech-Tav is unusually low. We are proud of the fact that most of our technical writers on staff have been with us 8 years or more.

Our technical writers have technical backgrounds in a wide range of STEM disciplines: engineering, software design, system programming, application development, QA, IT, network and security systems, database programming, medical software and devices, IT, mobile communications, communication infrastructure, micro-optics, reliability and maintenance software, electronics design, tech support, biotechnology, electrochemistry, network security, embedded and real-time systems, GIS applications, web programming, telecoms, cybersecurity, and more.

Technical writers who are already familiar with your technology increase your documentation ROI by getting the job done quickly and efficiently. They need less time from your programmers and engineers in order to understand your product because they already know your technology.

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