Donald Trump and the State of Technology
Internet-based consumerism, social networking, and news media are shaping society in ways we never imagined. Crediting Facebook with Donald Trump’s presidential victory may be clickbait, but the argument is an interesting one that is well worth the 7 minutes or so that it will take to read it and decide for yourself.

Structured Content and Global Content Strategy
A ...


On January 9, 2017, MadCap Flare users from a range of hi-tech companies throughout Israel gathered at Nova Measuring Instruments located in the Weizmann Science Park to expand their knowledge of Flare.

The meeting opened with presentations focusing on Nova’s unique documentation challenges. Yaron Bartal, VP and Head of Global Business Services, and Asher Sevitz, Senior Technical Writer, explained the challenges of creating documentation to be used in a clean room environment. Asher showed in detail how the company’s choice to customize MadCap Flare enabled them to achieve their desired results.

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Madcap Central is a powerful new cloud-based content management system that allows technical writers to improve the quality of their content, gain greater insight into tasks and production schedules, work collaboratively with teams and departments, and automate processes to further extend the authoring and publishing capabilities of MadCap Flare. This is the first release of Central, and we hope to see many more amazing features added in future releases.

The first thing we noticed about Central was its sleek, user-friendly, and intuitive web interface. But in addition to its aesthetically pleasing and well-designed exterior, we were thrilled to find that this add-on to Flare offers tremendous value for documentation managers as well as technical writers.


On September 19, 2016, more than 40 current and potential MadCap Flare users here in Israel gathered at AT&T in Airport City to network and learn tools and techniques for maximizing their Flare experience. After a brief welcome message from Tech-Tav CEO Yoni Palmer, Michael Cogan, AT&T’s Innovation Leader, gave participants a glimpse into the future of AT&T innovations in smart homes, the Internet of Things (IoT), and telecom networks.

Flare User Group Meeting

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Documentation as a marketing and sales tool
In this post about the crossover between technical documentation and marketing, EasyDita claims that “documentation has authority because it is written for customers, not to convince prospects”. EasyDita, we agree with you. It does make perfect sense. Technical writers – when you write, do you have potential users in mind? Are you thinking of your documentation as a pre-sales tool as well? If not, you definitely should...


Today’s software SMEs are often working in Agile. For the Generation Y’ers, this may be the only development environment they have ever known! Millennials don’t remember the days before sprints, scrums, and MVPs became common workplace lingo. But even in companies not working in Agile, the release cycles are shorter and the demands higher than they were even just a few years ago.

So what is an experienced technical writer to do? The SMEs and their development teams are sprinting towards the next deadline, with the technical writer lagging several paces behind as they all come racing into the final stretch. Looking at the four-point Agile Manifesto, we see that #2 on the list is of course quite painful for the documentation professional. But read all the way until the end!...


It seriously feels like the whole country is on vacation at the moment, and technical writers are no exception. Here in Israel, we have a love-hate relationship with the entire month of August (love the beautiful hikes, carefree attitudes, and lazy summer vacation schedules; hate the lack of camp/daycare options for kids and the scorching Middle East heat). Come September 1st, kids will return to school and companies with mandatory vacation weeks will be opening their doors once again. Until then, here are some technical writing summer reads for you to enjoy and learn from:

If Scott Adams were to write release notes
Ever seen release notes in the form of illustrated panes? Neither had we, until Basecamp 3 came out with their...