Ok, probably not, but can we at least recognize it for the crap it is?

Since I am apparently too busy to call those closest to me anymore, my friends follow me on Facebook, but for once I was actually speaking on the phone to a good friend. She told me something which is a secret, apparently, only to me. My life, she told me, is PERFECT.


The perfect life....the Tech-Tav staff on our company yacht (NOT!!)

(The Tech-Tav staff on our company yacht! NOT!!)

Talk about distorted reality!

Let’s cut the crap and admit...that ISN’T true in the...


It does not matter where the job market is holding, a job is still simply a two way relationship between you and an employer. While some people reading this might be desperate for work and feel willing to take anything, others will I know be struggling to determine which contract or offer they should turn down.

So how do you decide who to work for and which position is right for you?

The same way that HR or Human Resources within a company should look at the whole candidate and not just a list of skills or experience, a candidate should do the same and look at the whole company to understand their potential employers. As a technical writing company, we apply the same criteria when looking at potential customers. Not to say we haven’t been burned a time or two, but for...



What is a community anyway? Is it enough to just declare “we are a community”? Facebook chose the word “friend” to describe your connections, while Google chose the lesser emotional word “Circles”. But when it comes to people sharing interests, Google chose “Community”, while Facebook and LinkedIn went with “Groups.”As most people know, I run the largest LinkedIn Group...


Last week I was lucky enough to swim accross the Sea of Galilee on behalf of Team Tech-Tav for Swim4Sadna. Togther with 300 other women from around the world, we raised enough money to build a new animal therapy center for special needs children and young adults.

Swimming across the Sea of Galilee

(photo credit: rjstreets.com)


 A few weeks ago, one of our customers called...


I’ll be the first to admit, that what I knew about Ashton Kutcher before last Monday night could have been summed up in less than a paragraph. I assumed (you know where this is going right?!) that based on what I read, he was a foreign (to me) and beautiful creature known as a Hollywood celebrity with nothing to connect him with hi-tech circles beyond his abilities to make people laugh and entertain. I was also sure the only business he had speaking at a technology conference was to entice potential investors and their deep pockets. In short, he would make an ideal product pimp (his words, not mine).

Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary

After being lucky enough...


1. Renew your sense of wonder
As an employee, most of our thoughts are consumed by our deadlines, our paycheck, and what our boss thinks of us. We go through our working day grumpy and stressed and our productivity and creativity can suffer when we fall into the habit of perpetual dissatisfaction. My kids usually have a base line temperament of wonder and awe. I wake in the morning desperate for my coffee, while stressing and worrying with the mantra of "we are going to be late, hurry up, hurry up"! Kids on the other hand will fixate on the pattern in a leaf or a pebble they found, and spend what feels like an hour telling me how beatiful and colorful that lizard is.



Trying something a little different. An open RFP.

Calling all tool vendors in the techcomm space to answer and explain what their product/service/solution has to offer. This is a real customer with a real need and a real budget ready to make a move and a purchase quickly. We hope to hear from you!

What do we (they) need?

Content needs:
• Robust content management
• Enable easy collaboration with other teams within the company that don’t have access to our software/system
• Including “tamper-free” review
• Notifications to reviewers
• Process management
• Chunking
• Capabilities for context-sensitive help
• Ability to update single content in multiple contents
• Allow for versioning...