Scrum. What does that word conjure up for you? If you’re a sports fan, you’ll probably be able to picture muddy green field and a bunch of well-built, mud-stained blokes pushed into a huddle, kicking an oval ball about. The scrum is indeed an essential element of the game of rugby. On the other hand, if you’re deeply immersed in the world of software development, “scrum” will have a whole different meaning.

For the uninitiated, “scrum” in the hi-tech world is an element of Agile software development. There are lots of Agile resources online, so I won’t regurgitate them here, except for the following from Wikipedia:

"The Agile Manifesto declares:

  • Individuals and...

Today is my first contribution to the Tech-Tav blog. Today is also my first day in the job as the CEO of Tech-Tav. It’s a great privilege for me to be joining this great company and to have the opportunity grow Tech-Tav to new heights. During my career in tech writing I’ve worked with Tech-Tav as a customer. Now, I’m on the inside and get to see the industry from a different and exciting perspective.

Over the years, Tech-Tav has built a reputation of having a team of excellent writers who brought with them strong technical backgrounds. As a customer, this was something that I knew I could always depend on and that it would help me provide my management with top-quality documentation deliverables. This is why I used the company’s services repeatedly over the years.